Pioneer Investigations performs such investigations in a thorough manner through interviews with the claimant, identification of witnesses and other sources of information.

In most cases when it is indicated that a claimants activities may be inconsistent with his or her alleged restrictions or impairment, surveillance is recommended.

Pioneer Investigations provide non-criminal investigative services for commercial and industrial clients within Mackay regional areas and adjacent Mining Areas/Sites.

Pioneer investigators collect and compile factual information in an unbiased manner. Investigators cannot offer a client an opinion, nor express views on negligence. Clients are encouraged to always seek expert and professional advice in these areas.

  • Workplace Accidents/Incidences resulting in physical or psychological injury Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Consultation Services

As an independent contractor Pioneer will ensure that we will do all things necessary, appropriate or advisable in performing services for and in the best interests of our Client.

Pioneer reserves the right to decline any request to perform any service which it considers to be illegal or unethical i.e. Missing Persons.