Benefits of Professional Investigation

Our investigators sympathise with employers in relation to the difficulty of addressing Common Law Claim requirements, in most cases years after a work place injury has occurred. Location of witnesses, collation of data and documentation can be at times next to impossible when investigations are initiated upon lodgment of a Claim.

Pioneer is proposing that we can assist our clients with the collection and collation of vital information as soon after the workplace incident/injury as possible which may assist in reducing liability at time of Common Law Claim lodgement years later.

At the time of Common Law Claim lodgement, witnesses and mangement personnel have in most cases left the workplace and sought alternative employment and or moved interstate. Witness identification, location and event recollection at this point is almost impossible not to mention frustrating. Furthermore, the employer is then in a position of being unable to provide substantial relevant supporting evidence for the matter.

Pioneer cannot emphasise strongly enough-

"Prevention is better than Damage Control"

Our clients can be forwarded comprehensive investigation reports, which can then be retained or utilized for future reference, particularly upon receipt of a workers Common Law Claim. Investigative Reports can also assist clients with identifying improvements required in areas such as Incident/Accident Reporting procedures, Workplace Health & Safety, Personnel and Training.

Too often incident/accident reporting procedures lack vital information required when assessing liability.

Pioneer Investigations promotes and encourages investigators to undertake ongoing training and professional development to ensure that we can provide our clients with a diversity of professional services. It is Pioneers belief that our investigative processes can assist clients with the identification and implementation of solutions to threats within the ordinary working environment.

Waiting until claim lodgement may be too late!

Often Workplace Health & Safety and Human Resources departments are unable due to time constraints and experience to devote investigative time to the collection of relevant data which will assist with any future compensation claims. Too often investigators are required to 'return to the point of incident' due to the lack of substantial information collected at the time. It is our experience that investigations of this nature and time delay are 'nothing short of a nightmare'.

Early assessment of a workers activities as related to his or her present medical condition and alleged physical impairment is a vital tool to assist the employer with future file strategy.